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We are one of the Art Portfolio Prep Studio to help our students succeed in their top choice colleges and beyond.

Our students have been accepted to top national universities and art colleges, including Harvard, Yale, RISD, Cornell, NYU, U Chicago, Emory, UCLA, UC Berkeley and more.

Cynthia Ma

Computer Animator, Ringling College of Art and Design 

Crystal Song

New York University

ummmm?? As a whole, art is a very relaxing way to show other people what you're thinking about and how you think. It's a very subjective study so it's very easy to find a place where your type of art fits in rather than fitting into a mold. I enjoy how it's not competitive and you can work at your own pace. The best feeling comes from finally finishing a piece after spending so much time on it. It's always interesting to explore new techniques and mediums and see your improvement visibly.

Cornell University

My interest in art blossomed at a young age. Sitting down at my table, the act of art would provide as an oasis of relaxation in an otherwise bustling, busy day. The pen in my hand acts as a translator of my wild imagination, allowing me to express the vivid images that constantly paint themselves in my mind. After all these years, each of my artworks maintain an imaginative quality. The time that I dedicate to creating art still acts as a period for self-reflection and zen.

Leslie Hwang

Maryland Institute College of Art

Leslie Hwang is an aspiring artist at Ridge High School. In this series, her primary focus centers around metallic, plastic, and glass qualities that are shown throughout her work.

Nicole Saengtawesin

Loan Ho

Online Show 

My name is Loan Ho, a senior at Ridge High School. Since early childhood, I have always been interested in painting and drawing. Now, as I prepare for college, I am able to transform what was once a simple hobby into something I am able to pursue in the future. In college, I want to study industrial design, but I am currently focusing on animals and human interactions. Animals have their own curious lives, which differ greatly from humans. In these pieces, I placed a variety of animals into human life, acting as normal, day-to-day people.

Neha Tummalapalli

Syracuse Architecture

I am a Senior at Bridgewater Raritan High School, and I aspire to be an architect in the future. I enjoy working with watercolor and colored pencil, but have more recently focused on sculpting. My sculptures use newspaper, aluminum foil and plain white paper to form geometric patterns. Working in 3-D has allowed me to broaden my designs, while also forcing me to confront structural issues.

Ashley Yang

Online Show

I'm Ashley Yang and I'm a senior at Hillsborough High School. Ever since I was little I loved doodling and drawing, thanks to my sister. In fact, if you looked at my relatives, you would see that being artsy is a genetic trait. Drawing has always been fun and my way of blowing off steam. Actually, my interest in drawing really started by trying to imitate the characters seen on tv or in books. Going to college, even though I'm not pursuing a career in the arts, I will always find comfort in painting/drawing my sorrows away.

Neha Sirandasu

Grade 12 Bridgewater High School
I am currently working on a college portfolio which will contain a body of works that demonstrate my techniques as an artist. In my pieces, I have incorporated different aspects of my family and Indian heritage.

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