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TingTing Hsu.heic

Prof. TingTing Hsu

MFA - New York Academy of Art 

Arts-specific college counseling 

Work one-on-one with Prof. TingTing Hsu on an individual project, she will give guidance on specific goals, review and critique work, evaluate progress, and make recommendations for future study.

This is an opportunity to get personal feedback on work in progress, or to discuss drawing/painting conceptual strategies and exercises that could strengthen your own artistic practice (i.e. light & form, movement, perspective, composition)

  • Prior to meeting, images to be uploaded 

  • Meetings to be conducted through the Zoom video conferencing application

  • Age: Teen to Adult 

  • Register : 

One hour sessions are $100-150 each and can be scheduled up to once a week per person.

Payment can be made via Zelle (easy and instant!).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions regarding mentorship and scheduling. I hope to work with you!


Portfolio Program for 12th grader

A. $600 /per week

Two hours private class with the portfolio review

A six-day homework / drawing progress report (sent daily via email or WeChat)


B. $300 /Per two hours private class

    Assign homework and check it during class


Tuition paid weekly, we may change plans every week, depending on what students need. 

Email to TingTing to schedule your class


Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to helping students pursue a career they love.

York Fine Arts provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success. Browse through our site to learn more about what we have to offer.

Students life

We’re proud to have a unique, vibrant and passionate community that creates an inclusive and inspiring environment for students of all levels and backgrounds. Year-round you will find classes, workshop, camps and more to help build your network while attending York Fine Arts as well as after you graduate. Reach out today to learn more!


Registration to our Art Class is now open. If you have any questions, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Join us today...have some fun being creative!


Do you envision yourself turning your passion into a career? Are you ready for a challenge? Our students work hard in order to reach their dreams, and you can too.


Welcome to join us!

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